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Update prolink so the DJS 1000 can be added to 4 CDJ set up (currently impossible)

Prolink only allows a maximum of 4 players, so if you (like me) have a 4 CDJ set up already, you cannot add a DJS 1000 to your setup! It wont work. Error message says you have exceeded the maximum number of players and the entire set up doesnt work! The only way to try to link at the moment is manually or using an analogue midi detector, so do not believe the sale pitch that you can use the DJS 1000 with your existing CDJ set up via pro link - that is only true if you do NOT have 4 CDJ players already connected. 

Please Pioneer, support your existing customers who already have 4CDJ's and upgrade Prolink urgently to allow to 6 or 8 players (or even allow Pro link to send out the beat info to the DJSS units?)  Anything so these new DJS players can be added to an existing 4 CDJ set up please? 

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We're aware of this limitation - I hope the engineers are able to make it so the DJS has a "BPM mode" similar to how a DJM integrates into the system with 4 CDJs. 

We don't have a timeline for this kind of feature, it's on the request list, but you are being supported! Thanks for your feedback.

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