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PLX 500 platter issue


Got my brand new pair of plx 500 in november 2017, after using it for like 10 mins the platter of my left plx stopped working, i thought it can be a power source issue but everything right from LED light to rpm buttons was working fine. Again in next 30 minutes same problem occured with the right turntable. Called up the retailer he told me that it'll get replaced. Finally I got them replaced.

Now the replaced PLX 500 comes into picture, the retailer gave me replaced turntables in a week. They were working fine till day before yesterday but yesterday faced the same problem with one of the turntable. I hardly practice 3-4 hours in a week. 

I want to know why even after replacing i am facing the same issue?

Will i get it replaced again?

Do you assure me that after repairing from authorised service centre i wont face the same issue again?

I heard that there are some faulty units which has such problems.

It would be really appreciated if you help me out to get it replaced.

waiting for positive reply.


Thank you.

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Yes, it will be replaced should it occur again. No, I cannot guarantee that it won't happen again after that. Sorry!

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Exactly the same thing happened to me, the motor in these turntable's are absolute garbage, when these were released pioneer claimed they were built for mixing and scratching that was complete rubbish, I'm waiting 5 weeks so far on my turntable to be fixed and now my other has broken, iv always bought pioneer products for DJing, djms, cdjs and after this I'll never buy another pioneer product, complete joke of a company claming this is not a common issue with the plx500 when there is clearly alot of people with the same issues!!

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Then please contact your distributors & retail store(Dev electronics) in India to help to me out to get it replaced.
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