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DJM 900 Serato DJ Midi Triggers Problem



I have a DJM900 Nexus and I am using it with Serato DJ Pro / Serato DJ. I've tried to use this mixer as a "video mixer" as it is midi capable. The issue I am having is when I twist the Cue/Master headphone knob and Volume Knob it triggers the loops on the decks and the Master volume level does the same thing. I've tried mapping the "auto loop" knob and trigger button to few knobs on my Traktor X1. but after a while when the Midi Surface on the DJM starts to trigger things that are not assigned . 


In reality all I would like to use this mixer midi functions on the mixers for are the two channel faders and the cross fader for my video mixing in serato. 


I've had this issue since Scratch live days. I got tried of dealing with it and just used my TTM57SL. Unfortunately due to the lack of support for Scratch Live on High Sierra I've finally made the jump to Serato DJ. 


If someone can help or point me in the right direction it would be very helpful!



If more info is needed please let me know.



Smith Patel

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