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DJS-100 sample distiortion midi error

Hi Pioneer! I am using an external midi out looper Boss RC-505 as a start stop for the sequencer and midi master clock. If I have the sequencer Start/stop enabled on Midi in on the DJS-1000 the live sampling sound gets distorted when i play it back. When I disable it, The loop signal is clear. 

I would really like to only use the DJS-1000 as my primary looper/sampler but I sample guitar and can't use my hands, and the boss RC505 lets me use my feet. 


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Thanks for reporting this -- it will be addressed in the next update. :)

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Thanx! I could post a video if the techpeople dont understand my question. 

It sounds like the signal gets messed up by the midi signal passing through but enabling/disabling the midiclock doesn't affect it at all so it seems like a strange bug. 

Solving this problem would be a big win for me, making it possible to use the DJS1000 at its maximum potential in my live performances. 

Never the less

Thank you for an amazing gamechanging product.


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