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Multi-Light Fixture Support


I have a Chauvet 4-Bar Tri which is a single fixture with four independently controllable multi-color LED light sources. Currently, the Device Browser, shows just a single box with a single "light beam" representing the fixture. While this is fine for a fixture with a single light source, this fixture has four light sources, producing four separate colors. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to use the Device Browser, when programming my show, and get an accurate representation without having four light sources for the fixture in the display. A single "beam" just doesn't cut it. Am I just doing it wrong? If not, could this feature please be added to the software in a future release? My work-around is to just connect the fixture and program it live, but this isn't always a possible solution.

Any Suggestion Would be appreciate.

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That fixture is an "FX" type unit, and is not fully supported yet, it has been added as a single-output device (PAR) for simple functionality. A future update will include more in-depth control of such fixtures.

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