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Metadata Display

Hi guys,

I was wondering what CDJs usually display as track names: filename or title tag? 

I am asking as I organise my files by bpm (bpm. Artist - Title). If I want the CDJ to display the bpm should I include it in the filename or in the title tag?

And does it work the same on older USB CDJs?

I still want to keep my physical folders that way as I don't like to rely so much on softwares.

I unfortunately do not have CDJs around so if any of you guys could enlighten me that'd be great.


Sweet Lumberjack

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If using the NXS2, when browsing, It typically displays the title of the track in the first column and the second column can be set per the user's preference: key, comment, artist, etc. I have mine setup to comment. I've had the camelot key inserted into this field.

When searching, it depends on what query you entered in the search field (artist vs. track title). 

While it's great you organized your file library on your hard drive, none of that is really relevant with regards to Rekordbox and the way navigation works. You'll need to create playlists/folder within Rekordbox if you want to organize your library in a manner that allows you to easily navigate through everything using a CDJ.

This all assumes that you've imported and analysed your music in Rekordbox prior to using your tracks on a CDJ, wither via Link Export or Exporting the music/playlists to a properly formatted drive.

If this is all new to you, I would strongly encourage you to view some tutorials on Rekordbox track preparation (and software usage) as well as CDJ usage. The best scenario would be for you get your hands on a CDJ (or XDJ) so you can familiarize yourself with everything, nothing beats hands-on practice.

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Forgot to mention, you can also use the CDJ (NXS2) to Filter your tracks by key, BPM, artist, etc. to help narrow down your selection.

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Thanks for your reply Lostinthesound.

CDJs aren't new to me, been playing on those for a little while now. I just don't have any near me at the moment.

This question was actually more for my second backup USB, where I just put my files without transfering them with Rekordbox. I also happen to play on other gear than Pioneer so this is very important to me. As they are not analyzed by Rekordbox yet the bpm is quite useful!

As for Rekordbox playlists I have them all prepared already, following the exact same structure as my physical files. This way when updating my playlist I just need to copy and paste my files directly in there.

I'll check if there is a way to display the filename, would be better for me.



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