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DJM900NXS2 - RB - Crash,Broken Record & Audio

Hi Pioneer Profs,

I have a DJM900NXS2 since almost 1 year and I use the mixer in the following configuration:

  • DJM900NXS2 (2.5 Firmware, 1.200 Driver) -> direct connected via USB 0.5m cable (no HUB)
  • 2x CDJ-400 as midi Controller for Rekordbox -> via USB-HUB connected to the laptop
  • 1x Laptop (WIN10, latest Drivers & OS)
  • RekordBox 5.2.3

I use the mixer soundcard and record my mixxes with internal rekordbox record function. The mixer is set up @ 96kHz with a latency of 6ms.
For some strange reason one of the following issues occurs sometimes:
  • The bars showing the volume of the channels and the master volume bars freeze, but sound is still available. Rekordbox is working without issues, even the record still works.

  • During recording sometime it happens, that the record output stops. So Rekordbox is still recording but there is no input available. This is very annoying because all the other stuff is working and when I finished the mix and only 1h was recorded, that is no fun.
  • During mix sessions it happens that the entire sound was lost, although RB indicates no problems. The only workaround I found out is to reassign the USB Input to the channel. (1 step Forward and 1 back again is enough)

I have done several test with my PC before, where I already experienced some of these issues before using a laptop. However now I have a Laptop but all Problems are still there. I also checked the latency, because this seems to be most reasoned when it comes to sound problems. Latencymon tells me everything is fine when I turn of WiFi/Bluetooth latency is around 500µs, which is quite nice, I think.

I'm planning to buy 2x XDJ1000 but I first want to make sure that the mixer is ok, but I don't know what else I can test. :(


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The latest Windows build is messing with some of our drivers, we'll have a beta posted soon for testing.

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First of all thank you very much for providing me with a BETA driver.

I did some testing around (2 hours) on Fr and Sa and there were no issues at all.

Today I recorded one mix about 1-2h without any issues and would like to start another one. The second one was interrupted after 40 mins of recording by two issues, I explained in the beginning.

  1. All Volume Bars on the mixer freezes
  2. Input for rekordbox to record was no longer available (no signal)

I know that this is a beta driver, but maybe this helps you to test this driver even more.


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Dear Pioneer team,

I have a recording issue also with Rekordbox, in export or performance mode.

I''m using :

- DJM900NX2

- CDJ2000NXS2, connected via Digital cables

- MAC OS 10.14, connected via USB cable on DJM

All devices are updated. The issue is about the volume of recording. When using or assigning the Beat FX to the played track or on the master output, the volume bar is like "limited", like if the volume peak is reduced when activating the level/depth of the BEAT FX.

By analyzing the spectre of the record, we can really see the volume reduction at the moments when the BEAT FX level is on the minimum (off).

I've removed the PEAK feature in the settings of the DJM to see if their is any impact, but nothing.

I've read in the change history of the firmware updates, I see you got several issues related to the BEAT FX... looks like we still have another one :-)

If needed, I can make a short video to show you the symptom if this is not easy to understand with my words.

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