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Record the Toraiz's MIDI?

Newie here. Went through the manual, looked a bit here, can't find what I need:

I've got a MIDI sequencer. It records what ever MIDI is sent to its input. It can also play back that MIDI. It works well with everything in my studio except Toraiz (so far).

I've got a pattern saved in my Toraiz. It plays back samples on 12 of the pads and makes a nice drum loop. I want to record that as MIDI into my MIDI sequencer now. Like I can do with my ancient RY-30 and newer Machinedrum.

The problem is, Toraiz is not outputting any MIDI. Ok, so I can (painstakingly) change each of those 12 pads from "Sample" to "MIDI" in Track Type. Well, the problem now is, if I just want to tap some pads and hear my drum samples, of course there's no audio. Only MIDI. Is there no way to have audio and MIDI at the same time? Further, it's not actually outputting the pattern in a coherent manner on one channel. it's "wasting" 12 of my 16 channels, when it really should only be using one channel.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Hello Thornster,

As I understand what your trying to do is not possible with the Toraiz at this moment. If you have a pad in SAMPLE mode it will not output midi at the same time for that sequence.  You would have to load your audio samples in a DAW and then send midi to the daw to get record the Midi information you have. 

The Pad modes don't do multiple modes at once. 

Hope this helps, Thanks

Dj Creme
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