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MIDI Muting problem

Using the SP-16 as a sequencer/controller for a Virus TI. When I mute a track via one of the pads the Virus goes silent until the next MIDI Note On event - even the unmuted tracks are momentarily switched off including notes that would otherwise have been sustained as well as all effect tails.


The SP’s MIDI facility does include access to "CC #120 (All Sounds Off)”. Adjusting this value at all for any channel while the music is playing has the same effect.


How do one avoid this effect? 



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I had posted the same issue for the DJS-1000 a while ago. No response at all from Pioneer. HOpefully they will start to pay attention.



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Oh my god, someone at Pioneer really has the wrong ideas about muting in a machine like this and probably has never used MIDI!

The "all sounds off" message should only ever be sent  when you press STOP!

Muting on the SP-16 should work on the sequencer level, not the audio level or MIDI note level!! Pressing a pad in Mute mode should stop the sequncer from triggering the sound, not mute the audio channel or cut off MIDI notes.

In this way we can also play with the pads live while muting the sequencer from triggering the pads at the same time.

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