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Hello Pioneers !

Just got a "new" pair of 1000MK3, incredible tough machines, really still super cool even if they are a bit old.

There's still someone of the 1000's firmware programmers who can apply a little mod at the firmware ?

I know with this mod you will stop now selling any more a 2000 :-)  :


Found a limit in the Loop IN - OUT function (you already know I'm sure...)

Really heavy to find a good 4 beat loop, even if it is available the possibility to adjust the out point the looping function is nearly useless

(I mean track is playing and I need to freeze in a 4 beat loop - this is impossible )




Changing a bit the firmware in the way the loop is calculated let's say

4 BEAT LOOP = 60000m/sec / BPM * 4

you get a perfect 4 beat loop to play with ,

should be really easy to implement.

Can even be implemented easily if the loops are set counting phisical CD sectors as I guess it's happening ,


don't know if you can have time, CDJ's 1000 are great machines ! I'm really a big fan of them, this can bring a new life to these rusty, though, rugged piece of plastic ;)






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There are no plans to provide updates of any kind to the CDJ-1000MK3, sorry. At this point, even support for the CDJ-1000MK3 is limited given its age.

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