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Subcrates, sub playlists, sub folders

I'm moving from Serato and Traktor and I'm a bit disappointed to find I don't seem to be able to categorise tracks into crates and sub crates. I can create folders and sub folders, but these seem to have very limited use. 


One of the best features of Serato crates is the ability to categorise tracks in genre (for example)


So I can have this structure

Four Four
├── Techo
├── Disco
├── House
│   ├── Uk Garage
│   │   ├── Bassline

If I drag a track into Bassline I can see that track from Four Four, House, UK Garage. This is massively useful.

This doesn't seem possible with rekordbox?
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You're asking about "recursive" playlist display; unfortunately rekordbox does not (yet) feature this, but it's on the list and we hope to see it in a future update. Thanks for the feedback.

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And this is just an example, with smart crates I can easily combine any of these genres into something else, and it will automatically update because it's essentially a shortcut. It's like symlinks really. Playlists are too rigid, take too much maintenance.

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