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Toraiz SP-16 Touch Ribbon Control Suggestions

Lots of potential with the touch ribbon! Here's a few I think would be fun right now:

Record Stop effect (so fun for transitions!)

Step/Slice Randomizer (for glitchy beat repeat stuff)

Slice Crossfade (for crossfading between different slices on the same track)

Sequence "Offset" (for nudging grooves around on the fly)



Brutus Losko

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Thank you for your feature request. I have passed this along to our production team.

Dj Creme
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I like all these ideas. But Mate, I think you should post this as a "feature suggestion". Otherwise it won't be read by the engineers. Only by users. Good luck! I hope the engineers will listen! I agree that there is a lot of potential to that touch strip.

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