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I will hopefully be receiving my RB-DMX1 this week and even before getting it I can tell you right now that after speaking in length with the Pioneer DJ crew that was in AC this plug in needs to get caught up to SoundSwitch.


Moving heads in the library need to have support for prisim, gobo selection

Ability to create user scenes is a must

Static Scene override

The concept is great and I hope it is seen through to its full potential

Would love to see it become a full blown fully integrated lighting software for rekordbox, hell even possibly a lighting version of the SP1 with pads, knobs and a joystick for easy lighting control, yes there are a lot of DJs out there that can benefit from the simple shows it currently creates of basic sweeps and color changes to the beat of the music but the larger portion of us know DMX and would love the ability to really customize the scenes rekordbox creates and save our own.

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