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facilitating Firmware (CDJ, DJM etc) updates via RekordBox

Hi there,

recently I met some guys from Denon DJ, we talked a lot about their Prime Series decks. Well I will stick with my Pioneers :) thats for sure.


But we talked about people having problems with decks, software etc. He (working as a tech for Denon DJ too) told me that often people do not update firmware, which would in most cases solve the problems imediately...

Well my idea: why not "hide" the Firm-, Software updates in RB ? 


you start your RB who finds updates on Pioneer Servers

RB downloads them

If syncing new tracks or libraries to your stick or sd card, the latest Firm-, Software, is loaded in the background too...

While putting the USB or SD in your Deck the player recognizes that their is a newer Firm-/Software

the Deck asks you if you wanna update, if yes, initiates an update procedure....

well I am pretty sure this would be doable, just needs some programming from the  tech guys... 

thoughts on this? 

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It certainly has been considered, but then I could also tell you about the DJs or venue technicians who complain about the new firmware versions and want to stick with a particular version because they know it works the way they want.

Maybe in future! Thanks for the feedback.

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Interesting topic....

Following all the discussion about the fact when updates pushed automatically to devices (i.e. Windows) without having the chance to stop it.
Especially when DJ's using Club CDJ's with their own Laptop and the Laptop would push the update to the CDJ's and something is going wrong. I don't want to imagine how this discussion is going.

While I agree that updates should improve the user experience and personally I am keeping my equipment up to date. But I always check prior updating if there have been concerns raised by 'early adopters'.

If Pioneer considers this as it could help in the support, it may need to be thought about if this has to be a push the user cannot prevent or it must be a function to be activated by the user. i.e. My router (might be a bad example) offers automated updates of the firmware but me as a user has the possibility to deactivate it.

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Another option could only inform the user that the controller / CDJ has outdated firmware. The option of updating the firmware or not would be the user's choice at another time.

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Please do not miss understand me. 


The user should, for sure, have the option to upgrade or not. It's just about the possibility to upgrade. 


Starting Rekordbox, RB finds an update, loads it onto your pc/man.

up on the next synchronisation, the update is loaded on your stick.

by sticking your stick into a player, it reminds you that you have a newer version on your stick and asks you if you wanna update or not...


I am not a fan of forced updates either ;) 

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