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rekordbox more touch screen friendly


I know this has been requested already multiple times but having more and more touch screen capable devices it could be the time to have a more userfriendly UI for touch screens.

Especially the scrollbar is a nightmare for this and that you are not able to simply scroll through the library....

I am owning an iPad and a Surface Pro. And aside of the iPad app for rekordbox I am currently playing around with some screen replication to a portable device, which would have some fun if not having the challenge to navigate in rekordbox easily...

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I understand that it's not touch-friendly, but the idea of rekordbox is that it's a display; the control and navigation is primarily intended to take place with a hardware device - in your case, a linked CDJ. This difficulty is compounded when using a high-DPI display. Try lowering the resolution a bit and see if that makes things a bit more user-friendly.

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Hi Pulse.

Thanks for replying. Actually the screen resolution is not critical to this. Even in a smaller resolution the scrollbar at the bottom and to the right is that thin, that you cannot really move it with your finger. It is more likely you will highlight a track instead of scrolling.

With the iPad this is anyway just a gimmick as the screen is just replicated from another computer but for my Surface I can run rekordbox natively and got all my music on. Using this without a keybord and mouse in a dark environment would be very interesting for me.

Biggest pain right now for me is scrolling through the library.

I can imagine there will be more demand for this in the future and it could be a necessary evolution of the software.

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Wondering if there is an update on this??? 

Now we are in 2019 and touch screen PC's are pretty much the future this should surely be on the roadmap??

I have been Apple for 15 years and I have just bought a surface pro, mainly for a change and I know think it would actually be the perfect DJ computer; it fits in a digi case, can pop up behind a mixer easily and is a touch screen.

The only features I would really need to see to start using it weekly are browser scroll via touch, track drag and drop via touch or a quick load button/system (swipe left or right maybe) and for the keyboard to pop up when I click in the search bar whilst in full-screen mode.

The rest a CDJ or controller can do

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