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DJS-1000 Set Quantize for Tracks individually.

Here is the scenario. 

I create my scenes setting the pads with multiple resource for my dj set..  Loops, Risers, Drum Kit, Percussions, etc.  

I set Quantize just to make sure my loops get triggered on time!,  and its works ok,  but I would like to set Quantize Off  just for drum kit or percussion, So I don't lose the swing when i'm playing, even more important it would let me do hits "off the beat" like latin percussions. 


ps: Sorry about my english!



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Hello Sergio,

Sorry but I'm not understanding your question..what language do you prefer? I also speak Spanish and Portuguese. If you prefer to write in any of these languages please do and I hopefully I can help you solve your issue.

Thank you, Gracias, Obrigado.

Dj Creme
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