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Traffic light in Related Tracks list

notice the traffic light feature is not available on related tracks list. Not sure if its a bug or just not made to work in Related tracks.  

It would much more practical to have traffic light available on related tracks.  

Example you could have a related track list setup for BPM or Genre.  Having traffic light would be great and give you the option to use or not to use tracks in the same key. 




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been a while since i posted this...but was hoping this could be revisited.


Related tracks is very powerful and can be used in many ways.  I know you can use Key as a criteria but would be great if traffic light could be an option for related track list that do not use Key. 


Thank you.

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Hi Pulse.  thank for the reply.   I understand you can filter using keys in related tracks but that will limit the list to based the Key filter. 

I basically use traffic light on all my playlist.  I just a nice way to have see compatible keys within a larger group.    

The way i see it related tracks is just another type of smart playlist not much different than intelligent Playlist which does allow for the use of traffic light.   Hence i find it odd that Pio left this off related tracks.   

Example I have a related track list based off genre and bpm... would be nice to have traffic light working on that list no different that intelligent list.   Hope this makes sense. 

Traffic light and related tracks are 2 of my favorite features of RBDJ both very powerful  and combining the 2 would just add to the power of both features. 







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