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Chauvet Swarm Wash FX - No Response from Fixture

 I have tried this fixture in both 2 channel and 18 channel DMX modes, both wired and wireless DMX connections and on different DMX addresses, ect... The fixture works just fine and all other modes,  except when I connect via the DMX,  I get absolutely no response from the light itself not even when I click on the fixture in the lighting editor. In the owners manual this light specifies it will the DMX address will stop flashing once it sees a DMX signal, and the DMX address does stop flashing as soon as you connect either a wired and wireless connections.

Additionally I did see the previous thread about FX lights not being supported yet with Rekordbox box do you have any idea how long until they are supported and can utilize the full functionality of FX Fixtures?

Previous thread i am speaking of:


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