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On air lights no longer showing after switching to digital cables

I have  DJM 900NXS2 setup with 3 CDJ 2000NXS2 units. I just switched from RCA cables to digital for better sound quality (and because I suspect the rca input for channel 1 on the DJM is broken), but it seems that now the CDJs won't show the red on-air display on the jog wheels anymore like they used to. I'm waiting on the 4th deck to arrive now, so those red lights were very helpful to keep track of what's playing out over the air.


Why did I lose this function, and how can I get it back?

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Conditions under which the "On Air" function works:

- On Air option enabled in the CDJ utility menu

- the CDJ deck number matches the channel on the mixer

- the DJM is connected to the ethernet link with the CDJs

You don't have to connect any audio and moving the fader for the matching channel will make the jog illumination change.

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