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DJS-1000 not syncing to studio kit

Not sure if I am in the right place here, but I couldn't see a forum just for the DJS-1000.


I am trying to midi my DJS-1000 up to my hardware/software setup, via midi (the din plug). Is it possible to midi it up or sync it up somehow so that it starts when I press play on my sequencer? I can do it manually, but that's not ideal.

I have set it up on it's own midi channel in the Utility>MIDI menu. I have tried it with the DIN MIDI setting in the sync settings, connecting it the midi out from my Beatstep Pro to the midi in of the DJS. I have tried it with the  USB MIDI setting selected in the sync settings, with the DJS output set to sync in the Ableton Midi Port settings, but I can't get it to start the DJS remotely.


Have any of you figured out how to do this yourselves, or had this problem?


All help will be hugely appreciated.

Ian Williams

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You may have to set it as slave or check the midi in/out setting to enable start/stop when i use DAW software (FL Studio) i can start/stop the Daw with the DJS or Toraiz but I have it via USB 

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