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Related Tracks on Flash Drive

This new related tracks function is really a great idea. Although I have been creating similar playlists manually for years now using intelligent playlists. For example, one playlist is called DeepHouse 01Athru12A (minors) and another 01Bthru12B (majors)  and I can scroll down that playlist (on CDJs) and pretty much play any of the next 30 tracks and I know the keys would match. Instead of having 2000 options to play next, I have it narrowed down to 30.  

This Related Tracks function already does this, even better might I add.  However, this seems to only be a usable function ONLY ON MY Computer.  I never bring my laptop, cables, laptop stand out to events when I DJ... or even just out to an event where I'm attending when there might be a possibility I may get asked to play a couple trax, a whole set or even just tag team with a mate.  It's not worth putting my $3000 MacBookPro at risk of getting stepped on, stolen, forgotten or just wear and tear, at an afterhours, nightclub, DirtRave etc... I leave expensive equipment at home,. .......But I ALWAYS bring my usb FlashDrives when I go out !

I would really hope one day that one of you awesome engineers or R&D team members would allow this Related Tracks Function, to be able to be turned into a Playlist, for the current track that is being played on the CDJ. 

Like, say Im playing "Take It" by Dom Dolla -5A-, and I'm needing to find a track for my next mix but can't think of one off the top of my head, oh and I only have 1m:30s left, I could hit the (say for example) MENU button on the CDJ, it would give me a list of 5A-4A-6A and 5B tracks. (since the menu button has no function when track is selected. You know, the menu button- that, say, when you are viewing a playlist, gives you the option to 'SORT'... THAT BUTTON)   Or even another unused button.    And maybe somehow you could set the criteria in the 'settings' like you can in RB on your computer, maybe even a stripped down version with only related 'Keys'  Related 'BPM' or Related 'Genre'  

I know this could be done, and I hope one day this becomes a reality. But I am also open to suggestions on how to manipulate Intelligent playlists mixed with other functions, to attain a similar result.  I know that I can create a Related Tracks Playlist, based solely on that one track I have selected in RB on my computer, so Its kinda useless- unless I want 2000 playlists related to each track I own.   Oh! and it would be awesome if it updated automatically on the CDJ.  Like if I just added 6 new tracks on my flashdrive, when I load my FlashDrive into the CDJ, these 6 tracks come up as results AND are ready to get matched, based on the criteria I set, either on the CDJ or beforehand in RB on my computer.  

Thanks for reading and considering this a new function in the future of RekordBox,  and taking the time to respond with any clever ideas to attain this result.  

Joseph Lee

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I developed a system years ago to do exactly what you're looking for. Since it was on first generation CDJ's it doesn't use "related tracks", instead a bunch of intelligent playlists and a global variable for sorting. It's of course not as simple as hitting the menu button, but most of the time you find the correct playlist within a few seconds. Let me know if you want to know more, it takes a while to set up and only works on quite tight collections due to the fact that we still cannot create more than 128 intelligent playlists.

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