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CDJ2000 Nexus Digital Quality

I've read in a few places that when using the CDJ2000 Nexus (or NXS2) on 24 bit mode with digital outputs into the mixer (900 or 900nxs2) that the audio quality of any 16 bit files will greatly suffer. Is this true? So then should the output be set to 16 bit? But then will the audio quality in general suffer and also especially for when it has to downconvert 24 bit files? Naturally I think mostly everyone would have a mix of both bitrates in their library. 

Separately, is the quality of the master tempo function much cleaner when using lossless files vs. properly encoded 320kbps MP3s?

Hayden Payne

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It shouldn't degrade anything to have 24bit on when 16bit files are played.  All it should be doing is padding the unused bits.

Very few people are playing 24bit files when DJing.

The primary reason for the setting is for compatibility purposes with gear that would be accepting the SPDIF inputs.

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