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cdj350 unable to play tracks off usb sticks in the middle of set

Hi guys, 

i run into this problem while djing last night and it also happened two weeks ago.
I use the Sandisk extreme 64GB sticks exporting tracks using Rekordbox v5.2 on a mac, sticks are formatted as msDos Fat.
Sticks are filled with 52GB wavs and mp3s mostly 44Khz,16bit, a few 48Khz , about 50playlists.

I played for 1.5h first no problems, then later i went on to play again reading files from another playlist. After i played 3 tracks i went on to load another and it would play fine then press cue button to go to start and it wouldnt show time and track wouldnt play. I turned cdj off and on again went to playlist again found same track pressed play, it would play fine, as soon i press back "<<" to go at beginning of the track or pressed cue same problem, no read time and track wont play. Pressed skip to go to next, same issue, it would show track name but no time and unable to play. And the next.. Also unable at this stage to go back to other playlists. It happened with one more track, and i think on both cdjs with two usb sticks.

Is it an issue with the usb sticks? Is it because sticks are almost full? Still have 10gb of free space.Is it a rekordbox issue, today i updated to the latest version 5.4. Could it be with the cdj350? An issue with certain tracks maybe? Problematic track was a wav 44khz 16bit..
Should i format my usb stick differently, buy another? Get ssd external disks?

It totally ruined the gig last night, luckily there was another dj who took over. But two weeks ago had the same problem on my own and had to restart cdjs several times, eventually i managed to carry on djing but lost a lot of time.

Any clues where to look? Maybe buy a few different usb sticks and carry backs ups from now on..


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It's possible it's specific songs causing the issue -- if you're able to replicate it with those tracks, it would help to know if they're corrupt / damaged / etc., otherwise, it could be the drive or player encountered an issue with playback causing that to occur. Without more details it would be hard to say for certain.

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