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2DJ's One Setup

When playing parties, both me and my DJ bring our laptops to play a set.  We use the DJM-900NXS2 and the CDJ 2000's.  When He connects his 2017 touch Mac to the USB Hub, it has the 2 CDJ's in it. The other connection is used for the 900. I connect my USB to the 2nd input on the mixer.  This allows us to switch back and forth between channels.

1. If I wanted to play on channels 3 and 4 while he is on 1 and 2 using Serato there is no option for it.

2. If I switch channels 1 and 2 to B I can play audio.  The CDJ's don't control it though and I haven't found a way to allow them to be connected to both of our laptops via HID or switch over easily as we can with the mixer.

I'm sure that this has all been worked out already but I can't seem to find the answer.  Please let me know what I need to do.

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Using Serato, you can't use two computers with a single pair of CDJs as you would with the mixer -- which has dual USB support. The only way to do what you're looking for would be to connect one CDJ to each computer and mix in "amputate" mode.

In "amputate" mode you effectively only have one deck being controlled, the other is an internal deck, so you load your tracks on the deck with the controller, then instant-double it to the internal deck (making sure to transition on the mixer accordingly as well), then unload the deck for which you have hardware control and repeat the process.


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Alternatively you could both use rekordbox in Pro DJ Link mode and the libraries on computers would be accessible from both CDJs.

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