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CDJ-2000NX Hot cue issue

Hi all,

I recently rented 2x CDJ2000NX and a DJM900NX to practice on club equipment. I'm used to spinning with my RX2 and never encountered this issue.

I set my hot cues in rekordbox and once in a while, the hot cue will send me back 2-3 songs. It doesn't always happen and it doesn't always happen with the same song (which is the part that drives me crazy). I have auto cue enabled on all songs in this playlist that I've been practicing.

Both decks do this. They are running the latest firmware 1.43. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong or is there a problem with these CDJs?

If a song does this, it will always do it until I remove the USB and put it back in. The only way to get it to hot cue properly is to re-set it on the device (live). 

Also all the hot cues I set in rekordbox DO show up on the waveform and the buttons light up, so they are there.


I hope I explained myself well enough. Thanks for reading and happy mixing!


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It's likely how you're loading the tracks... are you possibly using the track skip button, instant doubles, tag list, or keyword search? In those cases, the speed of loading the track is prioritized and as a result, the hot cues are not loaded on track load, regardless of your preferences on the player. You would have to press the HOT CUE CALL button to load them. If you don't, the old hot cues from the last time they were loaded remain in the memory, and if you press them, that song is called up to play from that point.

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Hi Pulse, 

That was correct. Using next track was the issue. It does not load the hot cues.


To be honest, I don't understand why it's a thing. 

Still, thanks for the help.


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