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Please could you add a KAM STRATOSPHERE

Please could you add a lighting fixture :

Kam Stratosphere High Power Multi Colour Rotating Ball

The Kam Stratosphere brings the classic disco ball effect into the future with its high powered multi-beam colour lighting ball. This light has 5 x 15-watt RGBWAUV 6 in 1 LEDS that produce vibrant red, green, blue, white, amber and ultra violet beams of light, which is projected from the stratospheres 98 lenses easily filling the dance floor. The LEDs have a huge 50,000 hours of live on average coupled with the smooth, quiet motor, as well as running at a low temperature allowing this light to run all night. This brilliant light comes with an easy to use 4 button control panel that has the usual auto, sound to light, master/slave and DMX modes. This light also comes with a manual mode which gives you total control over the colour and rotation speed as well as dimming and strobe adjustments.

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