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XDJ-700 Fine tune grid


XDJ-700: fine tune grid


I just bought a pair of xdj-700 and it's fine! 

I spend a lot of time on my computer to preprare my Library on Rekordbox:

Cue, Hot Cue, loop and grid.

Now, when I play on the XDJ, on some tracks, I need to fine tune the adjustment of the grid (a little bit). So, I use the fonction on XDJ. 

Question: once you move a little bit the grid, the cue and hot cue arent anymore adjusted on the grid. Is it any fonction to ajust automatically the cues to the grid??


And another question: is it possible to display the hot cue color ont he waveform? I mean, not only green and orange (loop)? Or the color set is not possible on hot cue?? Only cue?

Sorry for my bad English...

Thank you!

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No, the cues are not locked to the grid as there are many cases where you may want to have a cue marker not aligned with a beat.

On the XDJ-700 there is no option to show a different colour for the hot cues, sorry.

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