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CPU meter spikes and custio cuts out

On a very new i7 Dell G5 running Windows 10 w/16 gb ram.  Fully updated rekordbox 5.4.2, 2 XDJ-1000mk2s, DJM-900NXS2.  All running up to date firmware.  CUP usage meter will peg and audio will stop.  I can still explore Rekordbox, but decks are unresponsive.  Must restart Rekordbox to get it working again.


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Chances are it's a background task such as an antivirus or system indexer causing additional usage; rekordbox itself is fairly low-hardware-intensive. Check the task manager to see what else is running at the time and close / terminate it if possible.

You may also want to look at throttling your CPU to max out below 100%, and to effectively disable the Boost feature (if your processor has it) to prevent other hiccups from occurring.


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I followed your recommendations and it does not appear to have solved the issue. Everything in RB continues to function except input from the xdjs and no audio.  I can still browse and edit playlists, etc.  Nothing in the system monitor appears to be causing intense resource usage either. The computer is new and has very little installed on it

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