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Usb Rekordbox with cdj's 2000nexus2

Several days ago I wanted to play with Usb on cdj2000 nexus2. All playlists nicely analyzed in rekordbox at home. First problem; CDJ had trouble reading my usb stick, it took really long. Second problem; When it finally did and I started playing some songs automatically went in Emergency Loop, I removed the usb and tried it again but the CDJ wouldn't read the usb at all. At home I have a xdj-rx2 and the usb works perfectly over there. The stick is a Stealth 128 GB Corsair Survivor. Anyone have an idea? If this problem already have been described, I wish to apologies. Thanks

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@Jeroen > I used to have a Survivor drive and had nothing but problems with it in Pioneer DJ products. We did some testing and it seems that their USB control chipset has a conflict with the USB host chipset in the Pioneer DJ products and thus errors out or is simply not read.

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It sounds like a hardware problem. Either the USB drive or the port. Check for dirt or foreign objects on both ends. If all looks clean and nothing looks bend or otherwise abused, test with another usb device and preferably another brand and model. If that fails too, the problem is with the players usb port. I have the NXS2's and play on other NXS2's weekly, and even my 250GB ext SSD's, with 14 000 tracks analyzed in RB, loads and ejects very fast. More than 10 times faster than the 2000 Nexus, the ejection even faster than that. 

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