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BPM change problems at WAV files.

HELLO guys,


I realize today at my show when I playing mp3 to wav, the wav file is not staying on the same bpm! So my mp3 has 125 bpm and I give my next track the wav file also of course 125, but then the wav file is pitched up&down to 124,8 then 125,4, 125,2 and I lost my beat matching and it sounds not clean you know. Then I tested the same way but only to mp3 to mp3 and everything is fine and bpm is staying on both players, why is this so? Why he lost his bpm grid at the wav file and not at the mp3? first I thought its a vibration from the booth boxes but no, I checked it right now at home and its the same problem. So better to play mp3 to mp3. Of course wav is better from the sound but there problem is very angry! 😠

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1) Check that your files were analysed properly for the type of song; if the track has a consistent tempo from an electronic percussion, it should be analysed in NORMAL mode, but if the track has a live drummer with the potential for small variations in tempo, you should analyse it in DYNAMIC mode. If you use the wrong analysis mode, the song may be warped in such a way as to produce undesirable results.

2) Check that the beat grid is accurate. While the analysis is usually pretty good, sometimes it can be off, and thus if you think your tracks are in sync, it could simply mean the grids are in sync, but the audio is not.

3) Was the MP3 file a VBR (variable bitrate) file? If so, that could be a source of the problem with the compression having caused some irregularities in the consistency of the tempo.

4) Did you have Master Tempo enabled with a large pitch percentage? Sometimes the large variation in tempo from the origin with MT enabled can cause some audio artefacting, which leads to it sounding like it's out of sync.

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