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DJM-250MK2 and only one turntable? (noob questions)

 Hey all,

I am very new to all of this and I would really appreciate any help or advice you have to offer.  I recently received the DJM-250MK2.  I currently only own one turntable which is the Toshiba TY-LP200.( https://www.toshibaaudio.com/product/toshiba-vinyl-record-player-turntable/ ).

I know it's not the kind of turntable you'd typically use with a mixer like this, but I'd still like to use the mixer/learn about its functions until I'm able to upgrade to two, more proper turntables.

So right now I've got my turntable plugged into the mixer via an rca cable.  The audio is coming out my speakers, but any adjustments I make on the mixer result in no change.  Is their more setup up I need to do before I can start using the mixer's functions?



Tim Rex

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Hey Tim,

Sorry for the delay in getting to your question.

As long as you're connected to the PHONO input, it should be affected by the channel trim / EQ / fader / FX, etc.

What's not working?

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No worries!  I think not having a receiver was my main issue, but I have one now and everything is working.

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