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DDJ-400 & rekordbox features


I am a new owner of a DDJ-400 and user of rekordbox / rekordbox dj.

I have some questions / requests :

1/ One feature i was using with my previous software (serato dj pro) is the ability to see all tracks on the parent folder of multiple playlist.
For example:
90S => show all tracks from Dance & Trance playlists
90S / Dance playlist
90s / Trance playlist
Is it allready possible or on going ?

2/ It could be very usefull to be able to learn the midi code "CFX SELECT" with the DDJ-400.
In my case i would be able to set that :
DDJ-400 "FX Select" button : FX Select midi code (this is the default midi mapping)
DDJ-400 "SHIFT" + "FX Select" buttons : CFX Select midi code (overwrite the existing midi mapping)

...or of course from a keyboard shortcut but i guess it is more a pionner policy than a technical restriction.


3/ Could be good to have a view with the waveforms on top of the decks like CDJ. I mean no vertical or horizontal waveforms side to side view but like two separate player left/right.






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@Cedric > Thanks for your feedback.

Unfortunately, the current build of rekordbox does not allow for viewing of nested playlist contents within the parent folder. Our teams are aware of this request and are working to implement it in a future release.

I haven't tested the MIDI signals for the DDJ-400 myself, but you should be able to make those changes using the MIDI editor.

As for the layout, you're asking for a Traktor-like display, which unfortunately, we have had very little demand for, but we'll add it to the suggestions list.

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Thanks for answer.

Unfortunately i have not found any "CFX Selector" in the MIDI editor. Maybe this is not the right name of the code but i have search everywhere.



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You are correct; there is no option in either MIDI or keyboard shortcut to change the CFX selection. Sorry.

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It's been more than a year, can you introduce this in an update. We should be able to control CFX.

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