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Pro DJ Link - Nexus 2 set-up with two notebooks

Hello Guys,

I have a NXS-2 set up and would like to know how the Pro DJ Link feature works when you want to use 2x CDJ-NXS2 players + 1x DJM-900-NXS2 in combination with two notebooks each running for instance RekordBox DJ.

They new feature would enable that you have all the Pioneer gear connected to a LAN switching hub and only connect one USB A->B cable to the top of the mixer.

The mixer has the option to switch the audio channels from USB 1 to 2 resembling the notebook you have connected to the mixer.

How does this work when the CDJ's are used a controllers for the software.

Did anyone test this?

In practice I would have a set-up with two DJ's each using their own notebook with RekordBox DJ and sharing the NXS-2 set up and both want to use the same two CDJ's for controlling their software.

Your response is much appreciated.

Kind regards,




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When you're dealing with 2 DJs and that hardware, the ideal configuration would be for both DJs to use rekordbox in EXPORT mode, with all hardware linked via ethernet. Note that you could also use the USB-ethernet bridge to connect to the ProDJ Link via USB connection instead of ethernet.

Using rekordbox DJ for back-to-back would be difficult due to the USB connections for the CDJs to achieve HID control, and only having one CDJ connected to each computer would be less than ideal, even if you could connect both computers to the DJM for audio output. My recommendation around this would be for one DJ to export his music to a USB drive and connect it to the computer of the other DJ, then you can both use one computer but have access to both your own libraries.

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