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Unexpected application error (DDJ 1000 - Win10)

I am running rekordbox 5.4.2 on a Win 10 Pro PC together with a DDJ 1000 controller.

When I start the application with the DDJ 1000 turned off, I get the 'unexpected application error'. When I start the application with the DDJ 1000 turned on, rekordbox works.

I have tried the 'disable openGL' and 'basic openGL' fixes and they haven't worked. My GPU (AMD RX 570) runs on the newest drivers.

Can you suggest a solution for this?

On a sidenote 1: I can't log into your forum with the safari browser. I end up in an endless re-direction loop. In Chrome it works.
On a sidenote 2: The image for 'My account' in the nav-bar of your website doesn't load.

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Sorry, but AMD processors are not supported, and this is most likely why you're experiencing this crash. You'll have to use an Intel processor to meet the system requirements.

As for the browser, please clear your cookies for:
- *.pioneerdj.com
- *.gigya.com
- *.zendesk.com

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Really ? Amd not supported ? i need o buy a new computer to use the software ? it was working before and now will never work anymore... shame....

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