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Never-ending CDJ issues and error messages.

So the other day I spent a fair bit of money on some .WAV files from my favourite label Anjunabeats... 


To my disappointed I've since discovered that not only do half of them not work on the CDJ2000NXS2's but if I have my tracks analysed by Rekordbox and then dragged onto my USB or SD card to use without a computer - they won't even sync!! Yes, I have had them all analysed by Rekordbox first!!! and yes I've even updated to the latest firmware!!

Having tried to figure these issues out, what have I learnt so far?

1. The problem .WAV files usually seem to be over 100MB

2. I have yet to figure out why the USB stick correctly formatted to FAT32 and all the files correctly anaylsed by rekordbox will not sync, messed with quantize settings, that's made no difference, track time signatures are all 4/4 so am totally baffled.


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@Aaron > Sorry to hear that -- can you tell me what bit-rate / sample depth those WAVs are?

Regarding the export, can you take a look in your Documents folder to see if there is a rekordbox folder with an export log?

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