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Continued Link issues; slow load time, emergency loop - hard drive?

I recently made a post here detailing an issue I was having with my CDJs (two 2000, two 2000NXS linked). I had initially thought the issue was the fault of a poor connection via the Ethernet switch I was using to hardwire all of the equipment in my studio.

After some troubleshooting, purchasing a new isolated switch for the DJ gear, I have determined that the problem lies in the hard drives and SSDs I was using to play music on the CDJs.

Tracks take forever to load, and I find myself encountering the 'EMERGENCY LOOP' issue for the first time ever. This is especially strange since up until recently, I was using these same hard drives both at home and at a local venue with none of these issues. USB sticks do not have the same problem; they load very quickly and I haven't yet seen an 'EMERGENCY LOOP' from them.

What makes this issue extra-weird to me is that one of the hard drives in question contains my computer's Rekordbox database. It works mostly fine for this purpose, streaming songs to my computer just fine - it even works without issue in the CDJs' 'Rekordbox Link' mode. Only connected directly to the CDJs do I run into problems.

For reference, the hard drives are 1TB HGST 2.5" 7200RPM drives in OWC enclosures (and one 6G OWC SSD in the same type of enclosure). Apart from one of them hosting my Rekordbox database, they are functionally identical in terms of the files contained on them.



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Do either of those drives / enclosures feature any power management or sleep capabilities? You may want to check that first.

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