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Rekordbox Video Licence

I find this a little unfair. As soon as I discovered the XDJ1000 were coming on the market, I saved all I could to be able to buy my first ever owned Pioneer setup.

I also paid for the full software of Rekordbox. Now after being so ill for a while with a condition I would not wish on anyone, Not only do I find that the XDJ1000 are now discontinued with a Mark 2 taken there place, but also you have released video software that works within rekordbox which you can use for free if you already monthly subscribe, yet fully paid users have to pay again for another licence. Don't you not think it's a little unfair. Not only has my not so old Pioneer hardware now become a pile of junk but you also wanna charge again for another licence. I've saved and saved to get what I have got and I now realise I have lost so much money after saving for so long. Thanks Pioneer. What a kick in the butt. Sorry if posted in wrong section 

Cdj Gemini

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I'm sorry you consider evolution of a product to be unfair -- would you feel better if these newer products with more advanced features and functions were never released?

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