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CDJ - 850 USB 3.1 Not stable - how to fix!


I use Samsung BAR Plus 32GB and have CDJ-850

And i have some problem.

I prepare a flash drive in rekordbox

Then I insert first time flash drive in CDJ - 850 and it's work great.

But if I  second time insert the same flash drive in CDJ - 850, it's  will freez CDJ.

No one button not be interact with me.
I recorded a video about it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yg0Mh2iLw1Y 

After 3th days formating and exequting whit flash drive i found the solve.

Just delete file on flash drive USBMNG.DAT
by path %flash_drive%:\PIONEER\USBANLZ\

And so every time you remove the flash drive from CDJ-850 (about ohter models i dont know)
I opened to read this file and see that have about 25 000 row of information!

And questions to Pioneer:

1) For what this USBMNG.DAT file is created all the time, again and again on a flash drive

2) Can you fix it in next firmware update, pllease?


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I have the same exact issue. I just got a pair of cdj 850's and I had previously purchased a set of Samsung BAR Plus 32GB  3.1 flash drives. I set them up with record box and they are good for one use.. after they get ejected or if you cycle the power on the device from then on they will freeze the cdj and then return the "NO USB" after a short time.

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Yup, same issue here and it's getting really annoying.

So please Pioneer hear us and do someting....

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I have the same problem. i bought the Samsung 32gb 3.1 usb and the problem persist.
i don't understand why Pioneer does not continue with the upgrades of the CDJ 850. Why they forget the people that use that CDJ.
The last upgrade that i finded is the FIRMWARE 1.13.

I hope Pioneer try to fix this problem and help all clients who use the CDJ 850.

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