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Aggregator/CDJ 2000 issues

Greetings.  I am having issues connecting the CDJ/XDJ aggregator to my CDJ 2000.  Im know there are other threads concerning this topic but none have resolved my issue... so here it goes. 

For some reason, the CDJ/XDJ Aggregator for Rekordbox HID is not recognizing my CDJ2000s. Not even bypassing the Hub, running each deck to the ethernet port works, yet the decks say they're connected in the menu screen on the CDJ.... Its been about 6 months since ive used Rekordbox and it worked before.  But Ive tried everything i can think of, short of beating my mac with a hammer.

Any light you can shed on my issue would be appreciated.

OSX 10.12.6
2 CDJ2000
DJM 800
darren brugh

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