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Do CDJ-2000 NXS recognise USB 3.1???

Hello everyone, i just bought a Samsung BAR PLUS 128Gb USB "3.1", formatted to FAT32 and exported my rekordbox files with no issues... I have a XDJ-RR at home and the pendrive works great, and it's very quick as well...

The issue is that at the club, CDJ-2000 NXS do not recognise it, when i plug it, the usb red light go on (without flashing) and on the screen it says "NO USB"... Is that only me or someone else got the same problem?

Please if someone knows a fix to that, let me know... thanks

Manish Sumbhoolaul

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Yes, the players do recognize all USB formats, as they are effectively backwards-compatible.

Those drives in particular, however, I haven't tested myself, so I can't say if the reason it's not working is the drive or perhaps how you've formatted it.

Typically FAT32 (even if you have it set to GUID instead of MBR) is fine, but for giggles, if you're on a Mac, try formatting it to HFS+ and see if it recognizes the drive.

Do you happen to know what firmware version was installed on that CDJ?

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