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CDJ 2000 NSX2 linking problem

I own two cdj 2000 nxs2 and a djm 900nxs mixer, when linking the two cdjs together they both work perfectly, but when I link the two cdjs and the mixer or more than 2 cdjs only one of the cdjs functions as it should. The other cdj works fine audio wise but when moving the volume fader up the lights on the platter turn red, random flashing lights and bpms arent read correctly on the mixer (there was an icon that popped up but i forgot what it was, it's currently at a pioneer approved shopped getting fixed for error 9101 code and they havent even seen anything like it before.) 


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Have you made sure that each one has a unique player number? You can change it in the player UTLITY menu (be sure to disconnect any devices, and the USB and ethernet cables before trying to change it). The player number should match the channel number that player is connected to on the mixer.

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