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Rekordbox driver for 2x CDJ400 (audio asio issue)

I am having trouble with the right driver for sending audio to my DJM800 using Rekordbox 5 and two CDJ400.
I am using:
MacBook Pro 2016 with the latest update (macOS Mojave version 10.14.3)
A USB-C to 4 USB input adapter for multiple USB devices
Latest version of Rekordbox
CDJ400 have a 1.30 version of firmware
Two weeks ago I bought 2 CDJ400's after I saw how easy it was to connect them to rekordbox and send audio to a mixer. I purchased the BASE PLAN for Rekordbox as well to use this function.
Right now I am having the issue with the audio driver. It only allows me to select one of the 2 CDJ400's as a driver. When selecting the AUDIO OUTPUT, it allows me the same; only one output CDJ (1) or CDJ (2) is able to be used as an output. 
The fix should be: both CDJ's should be able to be chosen for both outputs: ouput 1: CDJ400 (1) and output 2: CDJ400 (2).
What am I doing wrong? Looking forward to your assist.
Best regards,
Mark de Graaff

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