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Duplicate Files & Tracks In Playlist

I know people have posted about this before and Pulse has responded but I need to be able to manage my library efficiently within RekordBox. 

I have lots of duplicate tracks and they are in many playlists and I need a quick way to see those duplicates and what playlists they are in - without looking them up one at a time as I know you can do. 

I know there could be legitimate reasons for having multiple different version of a track in a collection however at least provide us with a built in function that shows duplicates based upon the artist and track title being the same/similar and then let us decide what stays. 

So to recap what I am asking for is 

1. Show duplicate tracks in a collection (based upon artist & track title matching or closely matching) 

2. Add a column which instantly shows all the playlists a particularly track is in. 


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