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DDJ-RZX - My Tags

Today in the center screen of DDJ-RZX we have several functions, one of them is the virtual keyboard to search for tracks and in this case on the right side of screen wecan see the Artist, Genre, track time, BPM, Key, Color, Cover and Comments fields but we do not have the possibility to see My Tags information.

There are some other fields that are not visible such as Year but in this case I used comment field where I store it as well but My tags would be very usefull because there we have Situation, Track elements that is nice to see when we are mixing.

My suggestion is to add the possibility to have at least My Tags information visible in the center screen under comments information.

The perfect solution would be to be possible to search in DDJ-RZX by My Tags but I will be very happy if I can at least see it.

Do you think is feseable we have it in a next Rekordbox version / DDJ-RZX  firmware update ?

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