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SQUID for Sequencing Drum Machines


I've seen lots of demos online regarding synth pattern creation etc. But no deep diving regarding drum machines.

What I'd expect to control my rytm or tr-8s for example:

  1. Assign a track to the drum machine
  2. In that track, configure which pad triggers which drum voice / midi cc (bd, sd, ohh, chh, etc)
  3. for each drum voice / midi cc , you can now create patterns and do the cool stuff shown in the demos

What I'm afraid of actually getting with the squid:

  1. Assign a separate track to each needed drum voice / midi cc (bd, sd, ohh, chh) of the drum machine
  2. End up with lots of tracks already used for your drum machines before even starting to configure a synth.

Which one is true? And if the latter, is there a workaround?


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Hello Miazma,


From your examples the squid works like example 1. 

But if you don't want to trigger all 16 sounds from the Drum machine you should be able to turn off those channels with the drum machine. 


When using the TORAIZ SP-16 sampler if I only want to trigger 8 drum pads I can turn off the other 8 so those channels can be used for other instruments.


Hope this answered your question.



Dj Creme
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Hi Creme

Thanks for the clarification.Too bad. As much as I would have loved to use it as heart of my studio: While it seems to be an awesome piece of gear for sequencing multiple synthesizers, it's not really able to do the same for multiple drum machines and samplers as well. At least not to the extend I was hoping for to integrate all the gear I have with one sequencer/workflow to rule them all.

All the best

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