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Touch screen problems

So I posted about my touch screen problem with my cdjs . Crazy how I called them from Wednesday and spoke to people who keep telling me to go on the forum for help and that they’ll get back to me in 24hours . Been few days now and called everyday spoke a diff rep every time . What’s up with this company ? Isn’t pioneer the “rolls Royce” of dj equipment . Worst company I’m paying 100 a day to rent cdjs and I can’t get to anyone it’s like a dead end . Anyone going through this as well?



i wonder why i can't reply to the comment written by pioneer.. i was told i was going to get a CALL.. on top of that they said "if you want" you can use the forums which could be better for you .... and it seems like thats the only way to reach you .. cause thats how you get back to people after the "24 hours" .... i don't think you should even have a number .. if anyone hits contact just put go to forum... so yes useless sorry some people wan tot speak to someone a rep and tech like any other normal company that charges top for their product 

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1) Wednesday you called our call centre and a ticket was created (#118207).

2) You called our call centre again Thursday morning and another ticket was created (#118353).

3) Thursday afternoon you created a forum post, and I responded to you in under an hour, directing you to contact one of our service centres for repair, not to call technical support.

4) Friday afternoon one of our agents responded to your ticket.

5) Twenty minutes later, you called our call centre again creating another ticket (#118628) which was also merged into the first.

6) You created this post Saturday of a long-weekend, so nobody was around to get to it.

7) You called the call centre again yesterday and yet another ticket was created (#119043); also merged into the first ticket.

8) A few minutes later you also visited our online support page creating another ticket (#119044), it too was merged into the first ticket.

9) This morning you created another ticket (#119143), again, merged into the original ticket.

In your tickets, you said someone told you "24 hour call back service" but we don't provide that, so either you were mistaken or they were wrong in telling you that.

In the open ticket, our support agent has provided you with the same information I gave you last Thursday which you seemed to ignore; take your player for repair. Please don't try and tell us that our support is useless.

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Also after posting on the forum I get pioneer telling me to contact them so even the forum is no help .. useless

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