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Unpacked and unused cdj 1000 mk3 - worth buying?


I found in a shop unpacked cdj 1000 mk3, made in malaysia, year of production 2009.
They are stored in a warehouse (proper storage).

They give 25 months warranty.

They are about the half the retail price they used to be ten years ago.

Can 10 years of not using them, just laying in the warehouse do any harm to them or affect their performance & quality?

Are they worth buying?


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If that's what you want to buy, and it's within your budget, then go for it! They're great CDJs. Just be aware of the changes in technology and the trend toward computer-based DJing over the last decade. A controller is less expensive, doesn't require an additional purchase of a mixer, and may be more suitable if your collection is not on CDs.

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Thank you for your advice.
Actually I use only cds and I've played mk3 a lot in the last 10 years.
I am aware of new technology but I don't use it.

My only concern was the fact that they haven't been used for 10 years and whether that can cause some problems to their functionality but obviously it won't.

Thanks again

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There certainly is the potential for any electronic components, in use or stored, to deteriorate, but I wouldn't expect any massive failures. Besides, if they're offering a 25month warranty on them, if anything is going to fail, it will likely be within the first hour of being used.

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