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Toraiz Squid: Recording incoming CC and CC learn

Is there a way currently to record incoming CC messages to one of the 5 CC tracks? 


Also, it would be cool if in the CC mode there was a way to Midi Learn CC knobs 1 - 5.

For example, you enter CC mode - then select which CC you want eg. CC1 - then instead of picking the CC# from a list you could, say Shift + (Click the data entry knob) and it would "learn" the next incoming CC message.

Right now it's a chore to go dig up the midi cc chart for a synth to find out that what parameter it is that I want to map to a given CC knob.


Loving this unit btw. Getting more out of some of my synths than I have in years.


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This is at the very top of my feature requests also. I’d love to just be able to record simple pitch and modulation from the wheels on my external keyboard!!! It’s much more natural than going in and assigning the parameter to a knob, and then recording it in afterwards!

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