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DJ Industry very Busy in 2019

Dear Forum Colleagues,

DJ Industry is really very busy in 2019, first Denon DJ anounced new HW, them several other players launched new products in  NAMM and now Soundswitch launch a micro DMX interface for US$ 29 with the possibility to have SW as subscription option.

Specially the last one I am surprised, I postponed for 1 year to buy RB-DMX1 them I finally got it in February and I am ok with my decision, it has limitations but is working fine for my purposes and needs and I do not want to move to other Lightning solutions.

What I really decided to do this year was instead of request new features is to really take advantage what I have on hand, exploring all features from Rekordbox and my DDJ-RZX + Rekordbox Lightning and RB-DMX1, I asked to Pioneer small changes in order to improve the usability and I am looking forward to see if some of them will be implemented :)

I guess sometime we are too much hungry for new features but we are not taking advantage of what we have on hand, technology is always welcome but DJing should not be a HW or SW only matter but more about criativity and explore new possibilities, what is your opinion about that ?

Returning to DJ Industry in 2019, I guess Pioneer DJ will also release something new on course of 2019 specially in terms of Rekordbox, new Standalone DJ Systems and maybe an upgrade in the Nexus Family.

What are your tougthts, guesses and expectations about the current DJ Industry scenario and possible Pioneer releases ?




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