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Title of song does not match the actual song on CDJ or Rekordbox

I am using CDJ along with rekordbox to first analyse my music before exporting the songs to my USB. When searching through track names within CDJ to choose, I realise that song title displayed is not in fact the song that plays.

In rekordbox I have now noticed the same thing. So when I choose to play a particular track, the song that plays, is completely different to track name, so by another artist all together. This does not happen to every song. They are all AIFF files.

I have the latest version of rekordbox.

Should I uninstall rekordbox and re install? If so how can i save all my songs within folders? Do I have to just start from scratch and manually sort playlists again?

Also a pop up window appears a lot, saying something along the lines of songs not in playlists will be deleted, with an option to press cancel or ok...I pressed ok not realising and it did a massive Remove....Thing is I cant check what it has removed and from where.

Any advice moving forward will be much appreciated.


Laura Mac

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It's entirely possible there is a glitch where the UID for the database is off and thus loading the wrong physical file when the song is loaded. My recommendation would be to test with a blank database. You can do that by following these steps:

1) Close rekordbox.

2) Find your rekordbox database...

Win 7/8/10: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Pioneer\rekordbox
OSX: /Users/yourusername/Library/Pioneer/rekordbox

3) Rename datafile.edb to datafile.edb.old

4) Rename the datafile.backup.edb files to .old as well.

5) Launch rekordbox and import one of the tracks you knew to be problematic.

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